SkiRanger is an arcade styled PC-Partygame designed around skiing. The game is about a Ranger who is maintaining the law and order of his mountain district and has to master different challenges. It's using the motiontracking technology of the Microsoft Kinect and the Asus XtionPRO depthsensing cameras to let you slip into the jacket of the Ranger and get in direct control of him.

Because we are a small team and developing games takes some time, we decided to release the game unfinished and start with a low price. So we will be able to continue the work on it if you like it.

To provide you a chance to see for yourself what you will get for your money, we have started the open beta phase before we will actual realease the first version of it.


Finally you can play SkiRanger with your friends. We are now supporting mulitplayer with up to 4 Players. Make sure to have enough space infront of your screen ;)

SkiRanger is now supporting Kinect for Windows and OpenNI officially. It doesn't matter which sensor is connected and how you have installed it, the game will work.

In the last month we were able to get feedback from a lot of people to learn what's cool and what's not. Thanks to our fans! With the beta update 1.2 we have improved SkiRanger in every way. Just a few examples: We have a new level for you with a Tony Hawk styled gamemode and a improved stunt system. We redesigned the mouse controls and polished the overall look and feel of the game. In addition we added some funny AgumentedReality applications which aren't SkiRanger related to show off some kinect use cases. (mainmenu - funnystuff)

Check it out ;)

Finally we have released SkiRanger Beta v1.0. Just go to our Beta page and get it! Then we can see if we are on the right track.

But we have also kind of bad news: Since we are a company and the game is using the OpenNI framework we are unfortunately not allowed to support the Kinect officially.

never the less, have fun! ;-)

We are happy to launch the www.skirangergame.com website finally. That's the place to share all necessary information about the game with you. Also it seems to be the right time to release the new trailer of SkiRanger to show you the progress we've made in the last months.